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Shop Talk is the place to talk about automotive equipment -- not just lifts, but also balancers, wheel aligners, spray booths, air compressors and other service equipment for the automotive garage. This is your place to share a tip, tell a good story, pass on a belly laugh, and to ask or answer a question. Shop Talk is also the place to buy, sell, and trade things automotive. To learn more about Mohawk Lifts, visit the factory website.

Mohawk Lifts Distributors
Serving Long Island & New York City:
Mohawk Lifts, AMMCO & COATS.
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Mohawk Lifts for Minnesota, also
AFF & Rels automotive equipment.
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Mohawk Lifts; lathes, compressors,
alignment for N Illinois, Wisconsin.
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Serving Colorado & S.E. Wyoming
with Mohawk Lifts, shop equipment.
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Mohawk Lifts for New Jersey & Ulster
Orange, Rockland, Sullivan in NY.
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Mohawk Lifts for Arizona & New Mexico.
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Mohawk Lifts for Arkansas, Tennessee & N Mississippi.
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Mohawk Lifts, petroleum & lubrication systems for Southern California.
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Don't see a Mohawk Lifts dealer in your area? Contact Steve Perlstein, Mohawk's Sales and Marketing Mananager.

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